Fertility Facts: Know More. Start Asking.

We plan for so many things in life – why shouldn’t fertility be one of them? Having an honest discussion with your
OB/GYN, or a reproductive health specialist, can give you the facts you need to help you plan for your fertility.



If starting or expanding your family is part of your current plan or a goal for the future, discover what steps you can take now to ensure you are informed and prepared.


Do you want to support a friend or family member facing infertility, but don’t know where to start? Read on to learn more about how to best support someone who is impacted by infertility.


Know More.
Start Asking.

The Fertility Facts campaign encourages women and men to “Know More” and “Start Asking.” The goal is to set the record straight and ensure that people everywhere understand the important facts about fertility, the need for early education and the importance of establishing a dialogue with your physician on the topic.


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